Establishing a company

High-quality solutions in support of your company's operations


It is difficult to establish a company – let alone entrepreneurship itself. Even a good business idea can be left unrealised, if bureaucracy, taxation or other administrative matters concerning the company’s operations seem too challenging. Luckily, you are not alone, because we are here to help you. Whether you are only just starting up your company or you are a more experienced entrepreneur, we will offer solutions that will facilitate your company’s everyday operations as an entity customised just for you. Familiarise yourself with the services we offer and contact us, so that we can prepare a solution suitable just for you.

Establishing a company


We offer consultancy concerning the establishment of a company. We will help you write a business plan, complete various applications, choose a company type and help with any possible shareholder agreements. We can also offer your company financial administration services in collaboration with Visma Solutions Oy.

Bureaucracy and applications


We will help your company with various applications, statements and claims. You can also outsource all the paperwork to us, in which case we will review the details of the issue with you. In case of, funding applications, we only invoice for successful applications!

Havunen Accounting


We can offer you high-quality financial administration services. In addition to this, we offer our accounting customers high-quality service packages which can include contract and taxation consultancy. Alongside standard packages, we also provide customer-specific solutions.